Jan. 27th, 2010 05:37 pm
reipan: (sunlightdances: gay agenda)
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 Just got home to an email about the posters for CUSU LGBT Awareness week. Apparently our flyers were refused at Magdalene College and accepted at Corpus and St Johns, only to be pulled out of people's pigeonholes and thrown on the floor.

This is the shocking news that in modern-day Cambridge some people still object to Queer Folk And The Like, and are not afraid to make their views known in a tediously immature sort of way.

...seriously. I mean, if a college wants to point-blank refuse the flyers then that's one thing, but pulling them out of pigeonholes and throwing them on the floor? Not only is that one of the most petty things I've ever heard of (you know, as well as being disrespectful etc), it also just seems pointless. If you object to Awareness Week drawing attention to itself then surely throwing the flyers on the floor is the wrong way to go about rectifying the situation? A small piece of laminated paper in your pigeonhole is very easy to overlook, it's considerably harder to ignore the floor suddenly being covered in rainbows.

Just sayin'.
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