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Two weeks earlier...

Scene: the family kitchen, early afternoon; sunlight streaming in through the windows, birds chirping. Camera pans over REI and FATHER, clearing away the remains of their meal. Sounds of laughter and faint conversation, which grows louder, until...

FATHER: Say, Rei, did you know that there are two kinds of lesbian?
REI: [weary sigh] Really? 
FATHER: Yes. It's like a dichotomy.

REI groans and throws a tea towel at FATHER; FATHER cackles and continues to wash up. Fade to black.


Scene: Nighttime; camera pans over a teenager's disarrayed bedroom, focusing briefly on the unmade bed and piles of books on the floor before focusing on REI, hunched over the small computer at her desk, from which the only light in the room comes. For a short time, the only sound is that of typing, interspersed with REI's faint, agitated murmurs.

REI: order to reach some kind of resolution...this character is going to have to...


REI: ...unless...

A sudden silence. REI sits slowly back in her chair, lifting her eyes from the screen; they close briefly, and then snap open again.

REI: ...Dichotomy.

She frowns and leans forwards again. Sound of a few more keystrokes.

REI: Dick-otomy? 


REI: No...

REI shakes her head in agitation; sound of typing resumes, and then abruptly stops again.

REI: ...dy-chotomy.  Dyke-otomy.

Ominous pause. REI's expression turns pained.

REI: ...okay, that's...that's not actually half bad.


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