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Alright, you guys, so I've been absent from LJ for a while (issues, further issues and a chronic lack of time and blogging power). Catch-up post, including a meme I think I missed during my MIA time, will some stage.

For now, I need some advice.

I am inordinately proud of the fact that I won a £15 Amazon voucher in, uh, a caption contest (yeah, yeah, but I almost never get to win stuff, okay?) This gives me £15 to spend on books. This is more money than I normally have put aside to spend on books. It is nevertheless not a huge amount of money, so I want to try and make sure that what I do spend it on is worthwhile. guys have all read books  before, right? :D

I'd like some more vampire fiction - I've read the Lee Killough series, I've sat through SMeyers, and I've beaten myself into a bloody pulp with Anne Rice, so I think it's time for me to do some more exploring in that genre. Failing that, though, I've also been interested in fairytales and folk tales recently. Failing that failing that, like books that are good to read?

Fifteen pounds is two or three books, depending. I need recs. Go.

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