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I am sick, and therefore being quarantined. I'm feeling a lot better than I was this morning - less feverish, not shivering anymore - but Misa doesn't want the small person getting my cold, so I've been nicely asked to keep to my room. (I could go out, I suppose, but although  after two or three days the rain appears to have got bored and finished there is still a strong enough wind that my slippers keep flying across the balcony and my room shakes, and it's freezing. We've had three earthquakes this week.)

I would not mind this so much if the five hours' childminding (which isn't supposed to be part of my obligation as of the beginning of this month anyway, which is kind of the only reason I'm still here) that I've missed on account of my illness were not being "added on" to the second weekend in February. I'm also not especially pleased that I got up this morning especially to teach a lesson because Misa said she was going to the hospital in the afternoon (Mami-san, her sister, went into labour yesterday morning).

They have not get gone anywhere. It's quarter past five.


Anyway! That is not the purpose of my post.

As many of you will be aware, February 14th is Saint Valentine's Day, a holiday that strikes fear, loathing and inertia into the hearts of many.

As some of you will also be aware, in Japan there is another romantic holiday on March 14th known as White Day. Traditionally ladies send their preferred person something for Valentine's Day and are sent something back on White Day, should their affections be returned.

I liked the platonic Valentine's Day thing I did last year. So! This year, anybody who wants to is welcome to send me something on Valentine's Day (anything at all - fluff, Post-it note), and I'll send you something back for White Day, 'cause anybody who sends me mail has a place in my heart. I can't promise it'll be fantastic, costly, or on time, but I'll do my best to send you a something.

Comment if you want in. If you don't have my address, leave me your email address or something and I'll send it to you.
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Dear London types,

I have just one question:



Love and kisses,
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