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I realise there were only about three people who were aware that I was attending Maelstrom in the first place, but for the benefit of those three people: I will not, for the foreseeable future, be attending Maelstrom anymore.

My reasons for this are manyfold. I enjoy LARP and LARPers tend to be lovely people, and I am sorry that I will not be spending as much time with the lovely people who LARP as I would be if I were continuing to attend Maelstrom, but it is expensive, time-consuming and commitment-intensive and I am neither rich nor otherwise commitment-free. These are the main reasons among several. 

Please do not try and change my mind. If I want to start doing it again in the future then I will, but for the time being I don't and I find people pressuring me to come back upsetting, regardless of how good and friendly the intention.

Thank you.
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I told people I would be posting details of this on my LJ, as I don't like Facebook and it's taken me ages to check out the cool features of the polling function here.[Poll #1534365]
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 If anybody knows of a house or flat available for rent to two students (the student part is important) in Cambridge from the beginning of the next academic year - preferably one that doesn't mind people with pets - could they let me know?


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Essay: done and handed in.

Packing for CDC: ...suspiciously easily done - like, within fifteen minutes -  and I'm now convinced there's stuff I've forgotten to pack. I've got my costume, except the hat which someone else has got, and stuff to sleep in, except for the sleeping bag which my sister has got, and stuff to wash with (including a towel) and a metric fuckton of layers and my contact lenses and a book and my lists of kanji to fail to learn for Monday. Did I forget anything? 

Exercises: almost done. To be further improved upon in the couple of hours I've got before my lift arrives.

Next Monday's kanji test: ...probably a lost cause, but I'll give it my best shot.

Awareness Week: Happening. Not my problem until next Sunday. oh, I should be preparing handover documents for the next treasurer, but to be honest with you I don't know what they're supposed to look like - I didn't get any. I'll just give them my budget records with a post-it attached that says "HAVE FUN".

Scholarship personal statement: Not done, but it's not due in until the 12th. SO THAT'S OKAY.

Stressful week of doom: almost over!

See you on Sunday!

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Dear London types,

I have just one question:



Love and kisses,
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Full blog post about leaving thoughts will be written on the plane, I expect; I've got twelve hours.

I love you all and all of your messed-up, crazy ways.I'll have Internet access and the like over in Tokyo, so I don't expect I'll vanish completely. Those of you expecting letters - expect letters. England is full of special, wonderful, utterly insane people-types in my life, and I'll miss you all.

However, in the words of Frank Turner, this town ain't big enough for the one of me. I'm makin' a move.
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Okay, well, I had one of two things lined up for my next post - either a review of the Twilight saga or  [ profile] hippyjolteon 's birthday post (which is coming, I swear! it were) but, what with one thing and another...I just don't feel like it.

Instead, have my account of the Great Rooftop Fire of yesterday. I'll try to keep the angst to a minimum (for anyone vaguely interested: I fail at romance. the end.) but if some creeps in, poke at it with a skewer and eventually it'll fall off.

Also, check out the features of my awesome new tagging system! ...I've only just started using tags, so this is the only entry that has any, but dude! I'm being all organised!

So, here we all are - look, there's [ profile] rionaleonhart, and that one in the Hawaiian shirt is [ profile] hippyjolteon - all sitting merrily by a flaming barbecue, not a care in the world. Any and all vegetarians present are bravely bearing the smell of flame-cooking meat. There is a lot of alcohol, there is shisha, and there are cigarettes of interesting lurid shades for those inclined to destroy their airways.

It's all flame-retardant! Really! )

There is, I feel, a lesson in all this. Do not play the heat-resistance game with lead sheeting; it's all fun and games until the holes start shooting fire everywhere.

Epilogue: Nobody was hurt, and the barbecue was salvaged with the aid of a proper barbecue on unwitting loan from one of the neighbours. Yuffie and her boyfriend are now trying to figure out the best way to fix the roof without alerting their landlord; the plan was to take some spare lead from Hamer and weld it to the roof, but this plan has been somewhat retarded by the fact that earlier today, during what was supposed to be the repairing process, one of our heroes lost his balance and put his foot though the living room ceiling. At last update, everyone was calling every builder they knew.

Further news on reception.

22.37: An update has just come in! The lead surface of the roof has been fixed, apparently the ceiling is being done tomorrow, so the damage can't have been so very terrible, and our clumsy hero has not broken his arm.

So all's well that ends well. Also, lousy as I feel right now, my friends have all been pretty amazing. Thanks, guys. Really.

Confidential to [ profile] hippyjolteon : Feel better! University is a happy place.
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