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It's always bugged me that there are blank pages in New Moon.

Not just because of the staggering levels of emo that they represent, but because it just seems like a massive waste of paper. Bella must have done something with herself during those four months, right?

Originally my plan was to try to start a campaign in which people wrote out their own version of that particular part of the book inside their copy and then mailed said copies of it back to Stephenie Meyer, but then [ profile] rionaleonhart pointed out that this might not be kindly received by people who wanted to hold onto their books (although, of course, if you want to do this then do not let me stand in your way). But we talked about it some more, and she's...very persuasive, and...

Well, look, if you really want to see what this is all about, head on over to [ profile] blankmonths ; I don't really want to write out the intro post twice. Do get involved, tell your friends, scribble in your copies of New Moon and make a contribution to what will hopefully grow into a collection of What Could Have Been The Adventures of Bella Swan.

Note to any Twilight fans: while I am, of course, mocking you a little, it's all in good fun, okay? Don't sic anyone big and fangy on me.  
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