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I realise there were only about three people who were aware that I was attending Maelstrom in the first place, but for the benefit of those three people: I will not, for the foreseeable future, be attending Maelstrom anymore.

My reasons for this are manyfold. I enjoy LARP and LARPers tend to be lovely people, and I am sorry that I will not be spending as much time with the lovely people who LARP as I would be if I were continuing to attend Maelstrom, but it is expensive, time-consuming and commitment-intensive and I am neither rich nor otherwise commitment-free. These are the main reasons among several. 

Please do not try and change my mind. If I want to start doing it again in the future then I will, but for the time being I don't and I find people pressuring me to come back upsetting, regardless of how good and friendly the intention.

Thank you.
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